Balm Beach Sunset

Story by Milli Thornton. Photos Copyright © 2010 Brian Williams & Milli Thornton

IT WAS OUR last night of a fabulous B&B getaway on Georgian Bay (Ontario, Canada). We wanted a low-key, low-budget way to round off our 4th of July long weekend trip, so we asked our Beacon Shore B&B hosts for a recommendation.

Bob & Jacquie told us about the Georgian Grill in Balm Beach, where the historically-minded owners have been making great hamburgers with their secret recipe since 1934. Bob told us Balm Beach would also be a great place to get some sunset pics, so we were sold.

The Surf Restaurant in Balm Beach had a jaunty longboat-style entrance

The Surf Restaurant had a jaunty longboat-style entrance

When we arrived in Balm Beach—on the opposite side of the peninsula from our B&B in Midland—we noticed Georgian Grill was part of a strip of shops with cars parked out front. Although they have umbrella tables, and although you can see the beach across the road from their sidewalk patio, we were hankering to sit on a deck right on the beach. So we opted for nearby Surf Restaurant, which was not crowded now that the holiday weekend was finito.

(It was also Canada Day weekend.)

We lucked out with a table right next to the beach, and our waitress helped expedite the fast delivery of our dinner (we were in a bit of hurry not to miss the sunset).

Burgers & beer at the Surf Restaurant

Burgers & beer at the Surf Restaurant

The burgers were fully loaded and yummy—albeit made with pre-formed meat patties, so maybe not quite up to par with the “secret recipe” at the other burger joint—and they went down exceptionally well with a beer. I had an ice-cold Corona in a Canadian emblem glass with a generous wedge of lime, and it tasted miiiighty good while watching the beach-goers frolic with their kids.

When it was time for the beach sunset, we drove from the restaurant to the beach parking area. Since Balm Beach is incredibly tiny (it’s part of Tiny Township), we only did this because we would have missed the sun sinking below the horizon. Otherwise, it would be an easy stroll across the beach from the restaurant.

Families frolic on the front beach

Families frolic on the front beach

The family beach area where we ate dinner was not the best angle from which to capture the sunset, so we clambered over rocks to get to what in Australia we’d term the “back beach” (the one less frequented by tourists). There were a few seasoned souls there, lounging or cuddling on the slippery rocks, and I had a feeling this might be a local tradition.

While I waded in the brisk water and let my feet settle blissfully into the wet sand, Brian took shots of the sunset. I used what I reckon was his best one for the main photo. Do you approve?

Naturally, we did not want our beach sunset interlude to end. But if one really must have the Oh-Bummer-Last-Night-of-Mini-Vacation blues, this was just the ‘balm’ we needed to ease us through.

Another bummer was that I missed my chance to meet Patti Friday. Patti is a world-read blogger who lives in Wasaga Beach, about 20 miles by road from Balm Beach. I found her colorful blog as I was researching our dinner options, but sadly it was way too late to email her to suggest meeting for coffee as fellow writers. Wah!! But here’s her page about Balm Beach (she has some great photos): Wasaga Beach News + Opinion > You Should Visit Balm Beach.

Hola, Patti!

Milli Thornton (aka Milliver) is the author of Fear of Writing: for writers & closet writers. She is owner of the Fear of Writing Online Course, where her mission is to put the fun back into writing. Milli blogs at the Fear of Writing Blog and coaches writers individually at Writer’s Muse Coaching Service.

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