Funky Signs: The coffee adoration edition

Story by Estrella Azul. Photo Copyright © Trisha Poole & Estrella Azul.

BY FAR OUR FAVORITE pub to visit during our trip to Brasov in April 2013 with my friend Trisha was Bibliotheque Pub. We were charmed by the place so much so that we ate and had drinks there nearly every day we spent in the city.

Instant Human, the recipe

Instant Human, the recipe

The first morning we had breakfast at Bibliotheque Pub, we took quite a few pictures of the wall art on its second floor level.

Walking on a shaky planet

Walking on a shaky planet

Coffee and other drinks are the main theme of the art, which is nailed to the branches of a hand-painted tree that stretches from wall to wall—as you can see portrayed in its full-blown beauty in the feature photo.

When is coffee time, you ask Here's the anwer!

When is coffee time, you ask? Here’s the answer!

I have to admit, I’m not necessarily a fan of it, so I don’t usually drink coffee.  For years, coffee brownies were the only form of coffee I could stand. Lattes and cappuccinos are okay, but they need some extra yumminess in there, like caramel syrup and a ton of sugar to make sure I drink them. That said, Bibliotheque Pub is where I had THE best Crème brûlée Latte ever!

Something sweet to say, after many years of being together <3

Something sweet to say, after
many years of being together <3

And, let’s face it. Some mornings are slow. It’s difficult to get motivated enough to make it out of bed. We need a reward. Short of a cheer-leading team by our bedside, a nice hot cup of coffee might be just what we need to get back into the rhythm of Life.

Which is why I decided to write the following onto my chalkboard at home, after seeing a similar funky sign in Brasov. 😉

Congrats! You made it out of bed. c(_)

Congrats! You made it out of bed.


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Estrella in the Greek Amphitheatre ruins,
Taormina, Sicily

Estrella Azul is a young emerging writer, passionate about reading, floral art and photography, with an artistic personality and a soulful outlook on life. She is a Hungarian girl living and writing from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the capital of historical region Transylvania. Estrella is our European correspondent, she currently serves as the photo editor here at Milliver’s Travels, and she dreams of embarking on a round-the-world trip. To read more of her creative writing, her thoughts and daily happenings, visit Life’s a stage – WebBlog©. Read more of her stories on Milliver’s Travels by visiting Estrella’s story index.



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  2. What a fun article Estrella, and pictures too. I used to not like coffee until I moved to Miami, from the mountains of Tennessee, (where I lived for 4 whole months before escaping back to he mountains). In Miami there were so many varieties of coffee it was impossible not to find at least one you liked. Like you though, I ended up with more of a taste for a lot of syrup and sugar than anything remotely like “real coffee”. 🙂

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  4. I love coffee, so these signs were great and the place looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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