Our Staff

Milli, I want to let you know how much I adore writing for you, simply because of the sheer enthusiasm you have for what we’re all doing. I’ve come to thrive on it, I want you to enjoy what I write and that gees me on soooo much. — JM Merchant


The staff of Milliver’s Travels now have their own website and newsletter. To meet our staff (and perhaps consider becoming a staff member yourself), click on the header image below to visit the website.

Milliver's Travels Staff


Judy Clement Wall (Bay Area specialist)

Estrella Azul (European correspondent & MT’s photo editor)

Betsy Villanella (Disney specialist)

Vicki Lathom (sailing specialist)

JM Merchant (New Zealand specialist)

Lisa Carter (Location Independent specialist)

Ann McElfresh (our foodie)

Cathie Nichols

Teresa Davis

Lisa White


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