Feng Shui

Kissing the Lucky Frog

AUSPICIOUS GOOD FORTUNE is how they might say it in feng shui.

I intend for this blog to be a lucky magnet for fun experiences, making new friends and cutting my teeth on some free-wheelin’ travel writing as I gain the skills needed to become a published travel writer.

Kissing the lucky frog seems like a good place to start. This photo of me was taken at Bonnybank Bed & Breakfast in the Twenty Valley of Ontario, Canada on May 24, 2009. My puckered lips are reaching for the lips of a wrought-iron frog prince on the terrace of the B&B.

Owner Carla Carlson shared her most special memory of a guest kissing the frog. Leaving the B&B on her way to the church, a young bride resplendent in her wedding gown leaned over to kiss the frog in a moment captured by time.

Didn’t get to see a photo of that but I’ll bet it was precious!

Do you have a symbol that, for you, represents the spirit of good luck? Please post a comment and share. Blogging is definitely more fun when my readers participate!

Lucky Frog photo Copyright © 2009 Brian Williams

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  1. Jeff and I knew each other in seventh grade, but his family moved and I didn’t see him again until 2002 after we’d met online through Classmates.com. Almost a year later, we were married. I lived in Baltimore and he lived in Joplin, Missouri. We decided to get married near Harrison, Arkansas.

    As we were coming back from getting our marriage certificate, we stopped at a little shop that sold soups and deli sandwiches. We sat by a window and, as we sat talking and eating, I looked out the window and saw my first hummingbird EVER! I considered it a good omen that we were meant to be together. 🙂

    On a side note, the day after we were married, the region had a bad tornado outbreak (May 4, 2003) that wiped out the whole town of Pierce City.

  2. If this post is an example of your future as a travel writer, I think luck will be on your side. I enjoyed it very much. It was short, interesting, and fun to read. I liked the picture of you kissing the frog!

    As far a good luck charm, I don’t have one. However, one of my favorite things are rainbows. Recently, while traveling in Switzerland, I was lucky enough to see a rainbow with a full arch from one mountain to another. It made me really believe there must be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:~)

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