Diu: The Vintage Champagne of Coastal Holidaying

Story by guest blogger Roona. Photos Copyright © Roona.

WHEN YOUR SPIRITS are weary and you’re desperate for a feeling of absolute well-being, go to Diu on the Gulf of Khambhat (India).

Be sure to stay in one of the spacious, sea-facing rooms of Sugati beach Resort in the mainland town of Ghoghla. Wake up to the lovely sounds of the Arabian Sea rushing in waves onto the beach. Draw aside the curtains, let the sunlight stream in, breathe in huge gulps of laundry-fresh sea breeze and feast your eyes on a gleaming stretch of empty beach. The long line of palms, flowered creepers growing wild on the sands, a cow or two on their morning walk, occasional sightings of colorful tribal women going about their chores—this place is a haven for stressed-out souls.

View from the ramparts of the Old Portuguese fort

View from the ramparts of the Old Portuguese fort

After a leisurely breakfast on the balcony, drive across the bridge to the main town of Diu. Explore the Old Portuguese fort and marvel at its dilapidated grandeur. Stand on the massive ramparts and feast your eyes on the magnificence of the Arabian Sea.

Do not neglect to take in the beauty of flowering trees, vines and plants that have claimed this fort for their own. Do not be surprised to see that part of the fort is now the sub-jail of Diu! Drive around the picturesque town of Diu enjoying views of the sea, the old town buildings, the greenery and flowers, peacocks by the roadside, innumerable fishing boats, the caves, temples and churches but, most importantly, soak in the charm of a happy place.

Laze around the island to your heart’s content, drink a tender coconut or two and drive down to the tiny fishing village of Vanakbara.

A peacock watches over the road traffic

A peacock watches over the road traffic

Drive down the little roads and lanes of the village bordered by minuscule houses and cottages with flowered gardens, until you suddenly come upon the beach crowded with proud fishing boats, their flags flying high in the glinting sunlight.

Do not forget to take in the fisher folk, busy working on their boats to perfect them for their important task ahead. As you absorb the cheerfully industrious air of this little place, observe where you stand in relation to it. Are you still in your mundanely stressful world? Or have you walked into an animated tapestry of an ancient sea-faring culture and forgotten yourself amongst them?

Drive back to the resort and keep your eyes open for long stretches of palm-laden marshlands that beckon you with an eerily seductive beauty. Even under the hot noon sun, they manage to radiate a cloying coolness that is openly disdainful of Apollo’s Chariot!

The view from our room

The view from our room

Lunch on fresh seafood and vegetables and spend the afternoon on the resort grounds on a swinging bench beneath the thick cooling shade of an ancient almond tree. From here, you can watch the waves hit the beach, catch the breeze blowing off the sea and enjoy the hot afternoon sunshine without burning yourself.

Read a book and let the gently swinging bench and swooshing waves lull you into a soothing afternoon nap. Wake up to a cup of your favorite brew, coffee or tea, and do not be surprised if you feel as lighthearted as a sage who has attained salvation!




ROONA has lived and worked in India and the United States and recently moved back to India. In the process of settling down in her home country, she continues to miss her life in the USA. On the other hand, for the first time in her life she has an opportunity to focus on her one true passion: writing. She blogs at IndiaRepat and Aesara Says.


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  1. Brian W. says:

    It’s always great to hear about places like Diu that are interesting and off the beaten path. We hope to visit you in India some day. Thanks for sharing!

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