Shoreline Park Mountain View – lake, wetlands, flora and fauna

By guest blogger Catherine Greti. Photos Copyright © Catherine Greti.

Part 1 of this series covered Rengstorff House, a historical site in Shoreline Park Mountain View—part of the Bay Area, San Francisco—which my husband and I had visited on a warm April morning this year. When we revisited in May we took a longer path close to the marshlands and bay.

It was warm enough we started removing clothing. Bikers and walkers passed us happily. After another spring bout of rains and cold, everyone was glad to have some warm weather and sun.

As we took a path away from the marshes and into the grassy area the lake came into view.

Shoreline Lake

Shoreline Lake

As we approached the hub by the boat rentals we noticed there were a lot more people—hiking the numerous trails, riding around the lake in their paddle boats and sitting at the cafe—than during our April visit.

We were delighted by the Canadian geese running after their goslings as we approached. The little guys were running all over the grass next to the colorful boats for rent. They were soaking wet and digging their heads into the grass. The parents settled down when they realized no one was going to harm their babies.

The goslings felt safe, even from inquisitive photographers

The goslings felt safe, even from inquisitive photographers

We spent quite a bit of time enjoying the geese and their young then we walked over by Lakeside Cafe. Lounging on the grass, watching the paddle boats out on the water and the people eating, we got woozy from the sun and negative ions. This is the way to relax!

Paddleboats at Shoreline Lake

Paddleboats at Shoreline Lake

Our morning leisure time was coming to an end and we had a long walk back in the sun, which was heating up, so we left our grassy perch and headed back to the marsh trail. It did take us quite a while to get down the trail because there were so many interesting plants I had to photograph. Here are just a few.

Wild plants and ladybug along the shoreline

Wild plants and ladybug along the marsh trail

All in all a satisfying and relaxing way to start the day. We left the park agreeing that we’ve found our new favorite place close to home to hang out this spring and summer. I definitely want to try the canoes and paddle boats.

Shoreline Park Mountain View

Shoreline Lake Aquatic Center and Cafe

Rengstorff House Website

Catherine Greti

Catherine Greti


Catherine Greti lives in the California Bay Area with her Canadian husband. She has lived most of her life on the US West Coast but has also lived for a while in both Canada and Australia. Photos of some of their travels, as well as some of Catherine’s other photographic interests, can be viewed at Catherine Greti Images.

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  1. I miss the Bay Area! (lived there for a while during my college years). Thanks for taking me back…. and those baby geese are adorable!

    • My pleasure, Julia. Glad you enjoyed it. There is a lot to miss about the Bay Area.

      I felt lucky to have the goslings rushing to and fro at just the right moment to include the colorful boats!

      Thanks for reading my post and commenting. I plan to continue reporting on lots of neat places in the Bay Area. There is so much to offer here.


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