Funky Signs: Mr. Bacon in Jail Alley

Photos Copyright © Patrick Ross. Captions by Patrick Ross.

My friend Patrick Ross from The Artist’s Road blog recently returned from a family vacation in central and western Virginia. Throughout the trip his travel companion, Mr. Bacon, seized every opportunity to upstage the local signage.

Feature photo: “He’s a rather sinister-looking strip of pork; if he were a prisoner on the lam I’d advise staying out of his path, unless armed with a heated frying pan.”

Were Mr. Bacon to be fired from this Confederate artillery, would he already be completely cooked upon landing?

Patrick’s is the only blog I know where the word ‘bacon’ can be seen in the tag cloud. Some might call it a food obsession, but Mr. Bacon has now become a celebrity in his own right (or in his own mind). I’ve heard rumors of a rock star attitude.

Left: Mr. Bacon in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia, an hour after
the earthquake. I didn’t buy him any wine, he’s a lightweight.
Right: Mr. Bacon told me that if he sizzles too much in the sun,
he just takes a quick dip in the pool.

See more fun pix in Mr. Bacon’s slide show on Patrick’s blog.

You can also read Patrick’s thought-provoking post, When I Unplugged from the Grid, where he weaves his thoughts about disengaging from social media into an account of the time he spent with his family on vacation.

Patrick Ross of The Artists Road

Patrick Ross


Mr. Bacon’s travel companion and photographer, Patrick Ross, is a writer in Washington, D.C. He is a former reporter, editor, artist advocate, think-tank senior fellow, veterinary assistant, short-order cook, and telemarketer (if he ever called you pitching a carpet-cleaning service, he apologizes). Patrick blogs on creativity and writing at The Artist’s Road and tweets as @on_creativity.



  1. HILARIOUS! I love Mr. Bacon (but I still would rather not take a dip in the pool right after he does 🙂 )

  2. Damn you Mr. Bacon! Upstaging me again! Four photos of him and one of me, his (theoretical) owner. As I type this he’s sitting under my monitor, giving me the evil eye, silently mocking me…

    Thanks for the fun post, Milli. As for “bacon” being in the tag cloud of my blog dedicated to creativity, someone in my comments field once posted “I love your bacon-themed blog that occasionally touches on creativity.” 🙂

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  4. I love it! It reminds me of two things – Flat Stanley for school kids (but WAY cooler) and there was this guy who took this mini troll doll to every disney trip (years ago). Mr. Bacon is pretty cool….He SHOULD have his own blog!

  5. Stumbled across Patrick’s blog post when it came out. It was quite late at night and I remember being so distracted by the photo’s I didn’t manage to read the rest of the post. Been meaning to look it up again since, so thanks Milli 🙂

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