Funky Signs: Free smells, anyone?

Story by Milli Thornton. Photo Copyright © Milli Thornton.

DRIVING THROUGH downtown Pittsburgh one summer afternoon, this sign in the window at Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches caught my fancy.

We all hate having a hard sell shoved in our faces, and yet, without the lures of promotion and marketing we would not always get what we need or want. But how much more appealing is it when the sales pitch is FUN?

Free smells, anyone?


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Milli Thornton

Milli Thornton


Milli Thornton (aka Milliver) is the author of Fear of Writing: for writers & closet writers. She is owner of the Fear of Writing Online Course and Unleash Your Writing!, where her mission is to put the fun back into writing. Milli blogs at Milliver’s Travels and Screenwriting in the Boonies and coaches writers individually at Writer’s Muse Coaching Service.



  1. That’s just awesome, Milli! Definitely better when sales pitches are actually fun.
    I’m so glad you snapped a pic of this funky sign 🙂

  2. Ann Mc says:

    Okay – how cool is that? I love that sort of thing! That is quite a popular sandwich chain where I’m from as well!

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