Strolling Through Savannah

Story by staff writer Ann McElfresh. Photos Copyright © Ann McElfresh.

MY SISTERS AND I recently visited Savannah, Georgia and with my trusty camera stuck to my face, I recorded our walks. It was opportune timing that I was taking a photography class during my time in this photogenic city.

Savannah is steeped in haunts and history. Famous people, authors and movies are at home in Savannah. The accents are soft, the food is amazing, the people are friendly and the city has a beauty that is seldom seen elsewhere.

Savannah is charming at every step.

Savannah is charming at every step

Worth strolling through town

Worth strolling through town

Savannah is one of those places—you know the ones—they stick with you. Call your name, make you want to stay. Magical. During a cold, rainy day and a bright, sunny one, we strolled and absorbed the beauty of the city.

Ahh, the beauty!

Ahh, the beauty!

When it rains, just grab an umbrella, and stroll anyway.

When it rains, just grab an umbrella and stroll anyway

One of the very best things to do in Savannah is to stroll. Not just because the historic district has limited parking—and it would seem that the streets weren’t widened to accommodate the horseless carriage—but also because the city compels you to.

Filled with parks, often only a few blocks apart from one another, and densely populated by Spanish moss-laden oak trees, Savannah has a charm that few cities I have ever seen can match. Charleston, South Carolina and Assisi, Italy are the only two that come to mind, personally.

One can almost see the horse-drawn carriages... Just tilt your head a bit and squint :)

One can almost see the horse-drawn carriages . . .
just tilt your head to the right a bit and squint 🙂

I fell in love with the trees during this latest trip to Savannah. They shaded me like an old friend, lifted their branches to the sky and whispered hello in the breeze. It was love at first sight—again!

Beautiful, even on rainy days.

Beautiful, even on rainy days

Soft lines...

Nooks and crannies and statuary of Savannah

Come take a stroll with me through this magical city. And whenever you have the opportunity yourself, make sure you visit. Bring your walking shoes . . . and please tell this beautiful city I’ll return soon!


Ann McElfresh

Ann McElfresh

Our resident foodie, Ann McElfresh, and her hubby are retired in Florida. She enjoys traveling on a small scale. After living in Italy (as an adult) and the Philippines (as a child) with opportunities for travel in each, she realized she hasn’t seen much of her home country, so she developed an extensive bucket list of things to see here in the USA. Ann’s favorite hobbies are cooking, trying new restaurants and amateur photography.



  1. Ann!
    I love this…The photos are amazing, and the commentary is poetic. Savanna has always been on my bucket list…Some day!
    I love your new bio and photo..<3 {{HUGS}}

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed strolling (virtually) through your post about Savannah. Boy, your legs must be tired holding the both of us!

    Beautiful pictures capture the gorgeous homes and walk-ways.

    Hopefully I’ll make it there some day. For now, I’m content to see Savannah through your eyes.

  3. Leigh Lauck says:

    I have never been to Savannah, but I felt transported there by your writing and photographs. You really captured the romantic feel of the city, its history and beauty.

    In particular, I loved the photos of the hydrangeas and the tree draped in Spanish moss. Even though I’m a Yankee, these images strike me as iconically Southern.

    Thank you for this lovely account of Savannah. I’m sitting on my couch, but I feel like I traveled someplace special today.

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