A 3.2 km Spring walk through Feleacu Village, Romania

Text & photos © Estrella Azul

THE OTHER DAY I needed to take a moment to brag: I walked 6.9 km, and biked 6.4 km, which brought the total to 13.3 km in just one afternoon!

This reminded me of the time I was tutoring English while holding down three other jobs, and used to walk to all of them.


The scenic route I walked every time to get to
my tutoring classes in Feleacu Village

I tutored two siblings who lived in Feleacu Village, just outside of Cluj-Napoca. For every class held, I would walk 2.1 km through the city to get to the bus stop, ride the bus to the village, and then walk 1.6 km to get to my students’ house located on a hill.
Needless to say, I walked back, too.


The view from my students’ front porch

I love days which are sunny and bright, yet one doesn’t feel like walking in an oven.
That walk totaling 3.2 km through the village was the most fun and relaxing part of my outing, since I was outside of the city, in the peace and quiet nature provides.


The Sf. Paraschiva Church and Monastery in Feleacu, Cluj

The most iconic scene from Feleacu Village is its orthodox church and monastery, called Sf. Paraschiva. The church was finalized in 1516, and it was built in the place of an old wooden church. It was renovated following Hungarian architect Károly Kós’s plans in 1925, when the tower was also added.

Many couples have their wedding ceremony here, because of the beauty of this place. See the feature photo (to the right and above) for a different angle of the monastery.


The beautiful spring roads can be very challenging during winter

The dirt roads are tricky to walk or drive on during the winter when there’s fresh snow covering the frozen, icy rocks (I should know, I fell four times in one afternoon in January 2011!), but as soon as the weather lets up, it’s a joy to stroll down them. With the main road left far behind, there is virtually no traffic.

All sorts of flowers adorn the sides of the roads and people’s gardens, making the already picturesque village even more inviting.


So many flowers in bloom, everywhere I walked!

Aside from taking in Nature in all of its spring glory, I was drawn in by the stacks of firewood along the side of the houses. I’m positive there is an art, and most likely a science, to stacking firewood into a woodpile.

And then there is the fact that, even in the 21st century, most homes don’t come with central heating in villages like this!


Neatly stacked woodpile

Ever since I first started tutoring them, I admired the hen and chicks plants my students’ mother had planted along the pathway leading up to their house. That day, I took pictures of the plants while chatting with her, and she picked some chicks for me to take home.


The ever-colorful hen and chicks plants decorating the pathway

Some five years later, I still have those same hen and chicks plants in my terracotta pots, and have gifted chicks along to my friends.

They are the perfect no-fuss plants for large and small yards alike, I think, especially since they stay green and colorful all year round!


Estrella in the Greek Amphitheatre ruins,
Taormina, Sicily

Estrella Azul is a young emerging writer, passionate about reading, floral art and photography, with an artistic personality and a soulful outlook on life. She is a Hungarian girl living and writing from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the capital of historical region Transylvania. Estrella is our European correspondent, she currently serves as the photo editor here at Milliver’s Travels, and she dreams of embarking on a round-the-world trip. To read more of her creative writing, her thoughts and daily happenings, visit Life’s a stage – WebBlog©. Read more of her stories on Milliver’s Travels by visiting Estrella’s story index.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. I especially would love to know what the purple flowered plant is.

    I can’t believe you used to walk that far for work! At most, I walked a couple of miles per day and then was a waitress for an 8-hour shift, and then walk back home. But I was young so it was no big deal. Now I wish I had a job where I had to walk that far to get to; it appears I will only walk if I have a purpose. Fortunately, my dogs are my purpose so I get at least 4 miles in every other day but that still doesn’t come close to your trek!

    Hens and chicks are a staple to many yards out here in California, especially with the drought. They’re an excellent drought tolerant addition to any yard, even if you have a black thumb!

    I enjoyed your article even if I couldn’t even attempt to pronounce the names of the places you have pictured. Great work and no walking to do it!!

    • Thanks, Catherine! I love these pics as well. Though I’m not 100% certain, the purple flower looks like a type of Squill maybe?

      I get the walking for a purpose part, same over here until I started making a point to walk to the places I can reach in less than half an hour.
      But 4 miles is about 6 km, so that is good!

      And yes, Hens and Chicks being so easily cared for is why I wanted some on our balcony. Plus, they produce a lot of chicks, so even if my cat destroys them, there’s plenty where those came from 😉

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