Funky Signs: Stick Your Gum Here!

Text & photos © Estrella Azul

But, no, not onto your screen when you read this!

While walking to lunch one day on my for-work-and-fun trip to Kingston Upon Thames, London, UK I found this “Stick Your Gum Here!” sign to discourage littering.

This is such a good idea!

Much easier to clean, too, as they only throw away that sheet of paper and replace it with another design instead of trying to get it off sidewalks, benches, railings and the other places imaginative people use to dispose of their gum.

Since deciding to write a few lines about it, I discovered this is part of an innovative chewing gum litter solution, which started in the United Kingdom back in 2003.

I recommend you take a look at their website, and the press coverage. Maybe we can start our own similar movements where we live.


Estrella in the Greek Amphitheatre ruins,
Taormina, Sicily

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