Lobo Trails, Albuquerque, New Mexico: Benefits of the Gold Trail for jogging or walking your dog

Story by Milli Thornton. Photos Copyright © Milli Thornton.

Part of the Lobo Trails system of the University of New Mexico, the Gold Trail is a 2-mile walking track in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In keeping with the wellness drive of UNM’s Employee Health Promotion department, Lobo Trails are meant to help employees increase their physical activity during their workday. The rest of us can benefit too.

I found out about the Gold Trail from a homeowner I was housesitting for in Nob Hill. Her young dog Thea needed walking twice a day and sometimes a break from the usual neighborhood jaunt was in order.

Lobo Trails Albuqerque Gold Trail street parking

I found shady parking near the NE entrance

The Gold Trail runs around (and sometimes through) the UNM golf course. Using Street View on Google Maps I located an entrance to the trail at the T-junction of Stanford Dr NE and Hannett Ave NE.

When I arrived at the T-junction with Thea and my grandson Atreyu, I was happy to discover that parking was easy. That’s my red Nissan Juke in the photo above. I parked under a big shady tree in front of a house. The neighborhood felt safe but I followed urban wisdom and locked my car, leaving no valuables in sight.

Lobo Trails Albuqerque Gold Trail 2-mile walking track with pet waste disposal

No excuse not to get out and walk. No excuse not to pick up your doggy poop.

I came equipped with my own plastic bags but was happy to note that the trail has intermittent poop stations where you can dispose of doggy waste. New Mexico can sometimes feel lacking in facilities so I was impressed with how enlightened this felt.

Lobo Trails Albuqerque Gold Trail wide enough for joggers and dog walkers to share the trail

The trail is wide and can accommodate plenty of traffic

The trail is even and well-kept. There was more than enough room for myself and my nine-year-old grandson to walk abreast as Thea pulled us along eagerly. We were occasionally passed by joggers and people walking in groups and there was never a need to step off the trail to let them by.

Lobo Trails Albuqerque Gold Trail has lush greengrass

Albuquerque is in the desert but we do have some lush grass

The trail coexists with the golf course. The trail is brown and dusty (and it was very hot the day we walked there) so the golf course provides something pleasing for the eye as you walk around the perimeter. The trail also cuts through the greens in places.

Lobo Trails Albuqerque Gold Trail at the University golf course

The Gold Trail seen on both sides of the golf green

Nearly everyone brings bottled water these days, but if you forget your water there are drinking fountains scattered along the trail. Not all of them work, so drink your fill whenever you get the chance.

A boy and his dog

After the 2-mile walk, Atreyu and Thea needed some R&R

Compared to walking in the neighborhood, I enjoyed being able to walk on earth instead of cement sidewalks. I loved the ease of parking and the trail that gave me 2 miles of walking without needing a pedometer app to pace myself. My grandson had fun spotting butterflies, lizards and squirrels. And Thea got worn out enough to need a big, long nap when she got home.



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Milli Thornton (aka Milliver of Milliver's Travels)

Milli Thornton


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