Funky Signs: The books are bored

Story by Crystal Gabrielle. Photo Copyright © Crystal Gabrielle.

Driving through the village of Oracle, Arizona on my way to visit Oracle State Park (a dark skies park), I noticed this arresting sign at the local library:

The books are bored.
Come in and give them a tickle.

How could anyone resist such an appeal? If it wasn’t already after hours, I would have rushed in, joined the library and checked out some books just to save them from such a fate.

I ask you, which is worse: being bored, or being tickled with no way to defend yourself?


Crystal Gabrielle, travel writer and author of chick lit with cosmic grit

Crystal Gabrielle

Crystal Gabrielle is a double Aquarius with a vast interest in metaphysical subjects, as long as they’re fun. She’s been a house sitter in various parts of the Southwest and California, and she enjoys getting on the road. She embraces anything that brings more magic into life, and she’s not afraid to talk to herself out loud when a good idea possesses her. Check out Crystal’s tarot reading gig at Fiverr and her travel-related Kindle book, House Sitting Secrets Revealed.

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