Funky Signs: Danger lurks behind the palace door

Text & photos © Catherine Nichols

I’VE TAKEN PHOTOGRAPHS of some of the funky signs I’ve stumbled across in various countries, and even one in the U.S. The thing I love about the signs in other countries is how visually descriptive they are.

During my travels in Scotland, I loved this funky sign at Holyrood Palace (aka Palace of Holyroodhouse). Everything about the palace is understated, serene, tranquil, high-brow—until you get to this sign, where it leaves you in no doubt what will happen should you dare to open the door!



Cathie Nichols, staff member at Milliver's Travels

Catherine Nichols

Originally from the East Coast, Catherine Nichols has spent the last 29 years in San Diego, and stays in the area because of its extraordinary beauty and a lovely lack of humidity. Accused by her three children of looking at too many rocks while visiting Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and the deserts of Nevada, she continues to marvel at the ever-changing southwest landscape. With trips to Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Portland, and Europe planned, Catherine plans to reawaken her desire to see the world, and leave no stone unturned. Catherine writes in her blog at and tweets as @bloggoneit.


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