Duggan’s: Cozy coffee hideaway in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Story by Crystal Gabrielle. Photos Copyright © Crystal Gabrielle.

AS A FULL-TIME HOUSE SITTER my storage unit is very important to me.

My storage unit is in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a place I go to visit family for the holidays . . . and to change seasons.

Changing seasons for a house sitter is something like putting your winter clothes in the attic and bringing your summer clothes downstairs. Except, for me, it all takes place at an upstairs unit at ExtraSpace Storage.

Which can be challenging, depending on the weather.

A good cup of coffee—and the right coffeehouse experience—can make these transitions feel a lot more fun. That’s why I love Duggan’s at 2227 Lead Ave SE, Albuquerque. It’s about as far from the chain experience as you can get. Duggan’s is one of Albuquerque’s five best coffee shops, according to Albuquerque the Magazine. Here’s their award for Best Espresso.

Best of the City 2018, Duggan's Coffee, Albuquerque, New Mexico                                                   Best of the City 2018 : Best Espresso

Barista Carrie Ann, Duggan's Coffee, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Barista Carrie Ann

When I was in Albuquerque at Christmastime, I met a client for coffee at Duggan’s. I ordered my favorite: breve cappuccino. Our beverages were made with a smile by Carrie Ann, and she added lovely barista art to the foam on my cappuccino.

Water station, Duggan's Coffee, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Help yourself to fresh water & lemon

The space inside is small and it gets crowded. It was a rainy winter’s day (fortunately, some patrons left just as we arrived so we were able to snag a table), but for sunny days you’ll find plenty of outdoor seating under big green umbrellas. HOT TIP: Parking can be an issue. If you’re meeting someone, be sure to allow extra time to hunt for a parking space.

Outdoor seating, Duggan's Coffee, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Outdoor seating with shade

Duggan’s Coffee is off the beaten track, away from downtown, part of the university area without being dominated by it and has an intimate atmosphere. It’s the place to go in Albuquerque when you want that “cozy hideaway” feeling with your coffee.


Crystal at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California

Crystal Gabrielle is a double Aquarius with a vast interest in metaphysical subjects, as long as they’re fun. She’s a full-time house sitter in the Southwest and California, and she enjoys getting on the road. She embraces anything that brings more magic into life, and she’s not afraid to talk to herself out loud when a good idea possesses her. Check out Crystal’s travel-related Kindle book, House Sitting Secrets Revealed.



  1. Judith Shaw says:


    Nice to see another Milliver story. I just bought your book!


    • Crystal Gabrielle says:

      Hi Judith,

      Thanks for reading Milliver’s Travels! And thanks for buying the book.

      ~ Crystal

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