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Full Moon Labyrinth Walk, November moon, Tucson, Arizona

Story by Crystal Gabrielle. Photo courtesy Web of Life Labyrinth Tucson.

THIS IS PART 2 of my Tucson labyrinth adventure.

After walking a labyrinth for the first time ever in Rio Vista Park, I wanted to experience the full moon labyrinth walk I’d seen on Facebook.

The Facebook page (Web of Life Labyrinth Tucson) announced the walk would be on Saturday, November 5 at 5:30pm, also in Rio Vista Park. I didn’t get there until around 6:30, but I still had plenty of time to get oriented before moonrise.

The first thing I experienced was the night’s soundtrack. As I walked from my car to where I could see lights on the ground and people gathered in the darkness, I heard drumming, rattles and a Native American flute.

The lights on the ground marked out the path of the labyrinth. One of the organizers, Quynn, later explained that they’re 33-foot strings of LEDs powered by rechargeable batteries, by way of being environmentally conscious.

Before I joined the walkers I wanted to immerse myself in the sensory aspects, so I sat down next to one of the drummers. I later realized this drummer was the labyrinth maker Jacob Gardener.

I ended up walking the labyrinth three times. Everyone stops in the center where there’s a small altar you can use however you like. The first time I said a prayer. The second time I made a wish. And the third time I asked a question that came to me as I walking around in the park to give myself time to absorb.

The experience, for me, was deeply emotional. And also fun! I felt elated to be there and the night sky was so beautiful. The moonrise over the trees was stunning.

After we were all done walking, we ate chocolate gluten-free cupcakes made by another organizer, Elizabeth, to celebrate Jacob’s birthday.

The organizers and participants were a peaceful group. Even though it felt like a very spiritual event, there was no pressure to believe a certain way. I had the sense that all were welcome and all beliefs were welcome.

November weather in Tucson is perfect. All I needed to keep warm was a lightweight long-sleeve shirt. I hope to attend again in December. After a summer spent in the Tucson heat, it will be novel to bundle up in something warm!


Facebook page where these events are announced:

Web of Life Labyrinth Tucson

A different labyrinth, but in the same park:

Labyrinth with a view: Rio Vista Natural Resource Park, Tucson, Arizona


Crystal Gabrielle, travel writer and author of chick lit with cosmic grit

Crystal Gabrielle

Crystal Gabrielle is a double Aquarius with a vast interest in metaphysical subjects, as long as they’re fun. She’s been a house sitter in various parts of the Southwest and California, and she enjoys getting on the road. She embraces anything that brings more magic into life, and she’s not afraid to talk to herself out loud when a good idea possesses her. Check out Crystal’s tarot reading gig at Fiverr and her travel-related Kindle book, House Sitting Secrets Revealed.


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